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owned by ELITE Solution, and a visitor or a registered member of the site (hereinafter referred to as "USER"), with the full acceptance of the provisions of the "privacy policy"EFYLIA portal, under the following conditions:

Section 1.
Contracting parties this contract define mutual rights and obligations regarding the provision and use of services EFYLIA.com sites for a fee in the all teritory.

Section 2.
EFYLIA.com Among other things, the Internet advertising services, presentation, marketing campaigns, internet sales, communication and advertising. "USER" salary package in US Dollar acros paypal sistem, on the payment date at the average exchange rate of the Central Bank of Europe according to the current offer in which the "USER" had access.

Section 3.
Efyila.com is obliged to provide access to their web tools enabling customers to independently, in a simple and efficient way to present the efylia.com, all you want, as part of its advertising space unlimited in amount and type of information, in accordance with possibilities and regulations of the portal which are an integral part of this contract, in accordance with the law and a package of paid services.

Section 4.
Efylia.com sites is committed to, within 24 hours after recording the amount agreed to be paid, "users" to provide access to tools for the placement of advertising content from the service packages selected by. Efylia.com sites also undertakes that if the user has said making external website, comply with all other terms of the contract or time limits agreed with each "user" in particular.

Section 5.
Efylia.com sites is obliged to provide technical accuracy and availability Efylia.com products on the internet in an agreed design and functioning, as well as in how to detect errors, correct them in a timely manner. Efylia.com provides technical support.

Section 6.
Efylia.com has the right to use images and text material that is received by a customer, in order to advertise and popularize the site, through the media (radio, TV, internet) or printed materials (business cards, catalogs, posters, magazines, newspapers, brochures etc.)

Section 7.
"USER", in concluding this agreement shall be entitled to advertise, it has the obligation to submit true and accurate information, provided to advertising: private or company name, company address, email contact, phone, mobile and / or fax, and identification number. "USER" is responsible for the veracity of information that is entered.

Section 8.
With the signing of this agreement "USER" confirms that it has all the necessary documents and licenses provided for by law. "USER" is obliged to observe the applicable legal regulations and rules related to provisions of the law on protection of personal data, information law, copyright law, the Law on Electronic Signature, the Law on the Protection of Marks, as well as other relevant regulations, will not be used services for the purpose that is unlawful, immoral or not they comply with good business practices, public policy or rules of morality. "USER", declares the author of text ads published in its advertising space in the sites within EFYLIA.com.

Section 9.
"USER" is required to hold your username and password in secret, primarily to limit access by third parties and that one should not use unauthorized services. "USER" is still obliged to immediately inform the provider sending a message to the e-mail address info@efylia.com of any violation of your username and password (primarily its illegal use, or abuse of a potential abuse of a).

Section 10.
"USER" is responsible for the actions of any person using his username and password. He is responsible for the content of advertising material in the sites EFYLIA.com, or for any information that have been left on the site "STATE", and with his user account.

Section 11.
"USER" is committed and agree that: payment for the current period performed no later than seven (7) business days from the day of departure, otherwise the package efylia.com sites, linked to his account will be suspended. Not to publish, promote or transmit through an intermediary any unlawful, harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, vulgar and adult content;
Content that advocates violence (racial, ethnic or other); information or any other query or events that fuel criminal or otherwise punishable offense, civil disobedience, or in any way the legal system crashes; in the event of disagreement about the character of the appropriate data, information, or other ads. decisive criterion is the assessment of the service provider;
the service provider will not approve the content of the ad that the client left, or another of his communication, disclosure of information, nor does it assume responsibility (including legally punishable responsibility) for any such event, communication or publication contradictory to the contract or that is against the legislation or facts and the announcement of which helped his use of the site; the case to violate any of the above rules, exposed to the danger of punishing turning off the site, "the State".
EFYLIA.com reserves the right to exclude Efylia.com account "USERS" in the event of a breach or conditions EFYLIA.com sites.

The integrity of the system. "USER" undertakes and agrees with the fact that:

  • will not in any way in connection with the use of services, use or distribute any files that contain viruses, corrupted files, or any other similar software or programs that may damage the operation of a computer system service provider or any third party; not to interfere with or in any way compromise the network connecting it with the services;
  • will not use any devices, software or program, or by other means not to try to interfere and disrupt the normal operation of the site, services and / or any transaction, which this site offers;
  • will not do anything that would cause unreasonably or inappropriately large cargo system provider.

The Client undertakes and agrees with the fact that:
when using the service uses only the technical means of access and use of the website and sistem EFYLIA:com which enables the service provider, or which has been licensed to the company service provider; in any case not to use any automated means (eg. agents, robots, scripts, or spiders).

Section 12.
Payment of Internet services and packages EFYLIA.com, are made without cash registers, and through by paypla or similar.

Section 13.
This Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance during registration to EFYLIA.com .. The right changes to this agreement as a whole or some of its parts maintains EFYLIA.com, thereby to inform the user. The contract can be terminated by one party to a notice period of at least 5 working days. All possible misunderstandings, during the term of this Agreement, the parties shall be settled by mutual consent.

Section 14.
Contract the parties read and all accept it as their freely expressed will.

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